A new Master Programme on Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Quality Control to be launched soon

A new Master Programme on Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Quality Control to be launched soon

The University of Rwanda in the Faculty of Medicine "College of Medicine & Health Sciences" in collaboration with the universities of the EAC countries and the centers responsible for vaccinations in the region was in a meeting to study the courses to be taught in the Third Stage of the University (Post...

From September 19 to September 20, 2022, the EAC Regional Center of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization & Health Supply Chain Management will be held in Kigali, Rwanda.

It was a "Workshop" that aimed to highlight the curriculum of the courses that teach vaccines, medicines, and quality control (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) in the Third Level of Universities in the countries that are part of the EAC.

In an interview with the media, Dr. Stephen Karengera said: "This program will teach those in the FDA of EAC countries at the level of the Third University (Masters degree). We're here since yesterday because we've already prepared the courses to be taught. We called concerned parties and showed them the courses that people should study without exception and other courses to follow in the work they do in their (laboratory) of the factory, to make drugs and to do drug control centers ( (Rwanda FDA) and check if the drugs on the market are of high quality.

He further added that there are 10 modules to study without exception and three more courses to pursue by choice. All of these courses were approved by the audience citing "We have been in contact with various universities in the EAC, but also with others from industry, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and everyone else concerned about medicine & Drugs."

Vaccination education will be strengthened.

In a detailed interview with Dr. Stephen Karengera, he revealed that there are obstacles in finding a place for students to practice (hands-on skills) adding that however concerned authorities are looking for the right and immediate answer. "We have that problem in general but we are looking at how we can cooperate to eliminate these obstacles." Says Dr. Karengera

A vaccine factory is going to be built in Rwanda.

In the coming days, a BioNTech vaccine factory will be built in Rwanda. This plant will need workers who are specialized in the production of vaccines and medicines. So this is where Dr. Stephen Karengera says that they will send those who are going to study those courses to advanced universities so that they can contribute to the industry and Africa as a whole.

It is a curriculum that will begin to be taught in September 2023. He said: "Now we have finished showing the progress of the course, we are going to send it to the College of Medicine, and the results will go to the Postgraduate, and the results will go to the Senate of the University of Rwanda, and the results will go to the HEC, but we will also distribute them in the EAC countries to also acknowledge the curriculum .” He concluded that the first program will start in September 2023 while the other courses will start in 2024.

The Event took place in Marriot, Tuesday 20 Sept 2022.[Dox-Visual]