Rayon sports announces Haringingo Francis as new coach

By Robert Tukamuhabwa On 8th , July 2022 Rayon sports announced Haringingo Francis as new coach and he promised Rayon sports 's fans and Director to win Rwanda Primus Nations league 2023

Jul 10, 2022 - 08:03
Jul 10, 2022 - 08:25
Rayon sports announces Haringingo Francis as new coach

Burundian Haringingo Francis announced as new Rayon sports 's Coach and he provided hope to Rayon sports 's fans he will win Rwanda Primus Nations league as it has been three years not winning it.

Francis recruited by Rayon sports from Kiyovu sports whereby he was a coach of Kiyovu sports last season 2021/2022, as Kiyovu sports ended league with second place with 65 points after APR who won the league with 66 points.

Rayon sports as best loved team in Rwanda ended last season 2021/2022 first division of Rwanda Primus Nations league on Fourth place and Third one in the peace cup , Immediately Rayon sports demobilized their Portuguese coach, Jore Manuel da Silva PaixoaSa Santos, who started coaching Rayon sports in February 2022.

Rayon sports 's Director,Uwayezu Jean Fidele, says they chosen to recruit Haringingo because they are expecting much production from him.
He said that " Building a team which is not competiting a cup then after just one year happiness keeps there, instead we are preparing sustainable best one lovers."

Haringingo is expected to bring back happiness among lovers of this team which wears Blue and White after three years not winning any cup among different cups takes place in Rwanda.

While he was published on 8th , July 2022, Haringingo provided hope to Rayon sports 's and it's Director that he is going to make several changes so that he can make it back a competitive team.
He said that " I wonder this is different things, which will not limit us to compete the cups and limit us even just building. The reason why I signed in Rayon sports it's just their projects I shown then I satisfied."

Haringingo confirms that the fail of Rayon sports to win cup over three years ago it's matches as he has been coaching several teams but failed to win it, so both they have thirsty.

He said that" the team we are building is going to do both building and compete the cup at the same time. So we are building a team of young players who is mentally technically. So concerning with cup both we have thirsty because all of us it's just three years running after cup."

He said that " the team we are building is in right away as they are preparing to buy strong players, while he was being announced he was together with his assistant coach Rwaka Claude whom they were also working together in Kiyovu Sports he said even other partners who they shall work together already available and started working including NIYONKURU Vladmir as goalkeeper coach and Nduwimana Pablo as physical fitness coach.

Haringingo added that there will be conversation with Rayon sports 's leadership in the way of looking whether those who worked with previous coach Santos can continue working or demobilized.

He also added that the pressure of Rayon sports 's fans will help him to achieve much and he requested fans to work together so that to achieve their goal.

Francis recruited by Rayon sports after making good reputation in Rwanda's football as he passed in different clubs in Rwanda like Mukura Victory Sports et loisir, where he won a peace cup, Police fc and Kiyovu Sports.

He confirmed that they are preparing to recruit foreign players to help them competing and he confirmed that he will continue working with coaches whom they worked together in Kiyovu Sports.