Visit Rwanda: Rwanda Rastafari community welcomes...

An ivory coast reggae singer and performer Mamakaffe is in Rwanda for music business-related issues. 2T Reggae Man, president of the...


Yvan Buravan thanked those who helped him in medical treatment...

From few days ago on social media was trending a story of sickness of Yvan Buravan and now he went in India to be treated


The Ben revealed misses of Pamela after reaching at Kigali

In the morning of Wednesday The Ben reached Kigali in the way of preparing Saturday concert as he revealed misses of Pamela


Violence against Sandra Teta keeps overwhelm Rwandans

In last week information trended regarding to torturing and violence Weasel does to his wife Sandra Teta hence many Rwandans keep...


Other photos regarding to torturing Weasel done to Teta...

Chameleon 's wife Danilla posted other photos regarding to torturing Weasel done to Teta Sandra as she commits to be a speaker woman...


Unusual wearing style by Kigali 's girls in Tayc's concert

On 30th , July 2022 Tayc had concert in BK Arena whereby girls who attended concert wore unusual style.