How a Celebrity can make money through Social Media-Sibomana Emmanuel

How a Celebrity can make money through Social Media-Sibomana Emmanuel

Sibomana Emmanuel, social media expert explain how a Celebrity can make money through Social Media

"The way a celebrity can make money using social media is to first value it and realize that it is an important part of contributing to their development. Also, he should seek enough knowledge about social media to know and understand what is allowed and what is not allowed on social media, so he will be taught how to use it" Sibomana Revealed.

There are other celebrities, due to their reputation, who are looking for a group/team in charge of their social media, and they are looking for someone who I would call a Marketing Manager for their social media, who will go to different business centers to show off the skills of that celebrity, and convince them of the good. to be a celebrity... just like in RWANDA it is still difficult because in the world of celebrities in general there is still a problem of lack of unity, lack of cooperation, lack of support among celebrities, feeling that each one is self-sufficient, jealous, corrupt, people who are famous but still have a mediocre mindset even looks closer than far...this adds to the fact that they don't know when it comes and when they go and don't accept correction. All of this is one Fame.

Sibomana Emmanuel is on the view that the way  celebrities have done in the production of social media is to stand up to care and value their fans, they started to do programs like on Instagram known as Instagram Live and receive some of their fans and listen to their opinions because most of them do not value their fans and some among those who make their names stronger in cooperation with the media. If we close our eyes and see how it is done, you will find celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, etc... they go on to do programs known as Instagram Live and talk to their fans but in Rwanda this secret is hidden.
My fans who love me like Patrick from URUNANA Theater and RBA/Radio RWANDA's Itorero Indamutsa continue thanking them for their commitment to always listen to us  because we see that there are people who love what we do. I would also like to thank The facts for this opportunity you have given us and I also thank various other media outlets for the effectiveness and good relations we have.

I conclude by calling people to be loving, cooperate, support each other, avoid bad actions that include hatred/hatred, conspiracy, and harm each other together we can achieve more and with God everything is possible.