Atsu survives the crush of earthquakes.

Christian Atsu has been found alive and is recovering in a hospital after being pulled from the rubble following two devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria. Which has killed about 4,800 people from both countries.

Feb 7, 2023 - 17:48
Feb 7, 2023 - 17:52
Atsu survives the crush of earthquakes.
Atsu survives the crush of earthquakes.

 On Tuesday, February 6, in the late afternoon, the news came out that the Hatayspor player went missing after being hit by a building caused by an earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria.

 On Tuesday morning, the President of Hatayspor, Mustafa Özat, told Radyo Gol that Christian Atsu was found but was immediately taken to the doctor.

 The manager said that the team's sports manager, Taner Savut, was still in the collapsed building and the rescue team was working hard to find him with other missing people.

 He said, “Christian Atsu was pulled from the collapsed building with injuries.  Unfortunately, our sports director Taner Savut is still there.”

 Atsu, who is thirty-one years old has played 107 games for Newcastle and also played for big teams like Chelsea, Everton, and Bournemouth.

 He was called  65 times in the Ghana National Team.  In September 2022, he moved to Hatayspor from Al-Raed where he played for one year in Saudi Arabia.

 On Sunday,  5th February, Atsu gave his team a victory, scoring a goal from a free kick 90th minute against Kasimpasa.