One goal has made Mukura VS to break a record of APR

One goal has made Mukura VS to break a record of APR

It has taken two days for defeating unbeaten team, APR. It was beaten by Mukura VS 1-0.

Mukura Victory Sports has broken that record by defeating APR 1-0. It was a game of Primus National League started on 31 January and ended on  1 February, game was postponed and made it to be played on following day; half time was ended and rain fell heavily, it was just postponed.

This game that was played in two months, it was firstly postponed last year,2021, where APR FC was in League of Africa.  Game was played on January 31,2022, after ending of half time, rain fell heavily and postponed to February 1, 2022.

The only goal that was scored by Mukura VS, was scored in half time, on 30th minute by Moise Nyarugabo. 

Because of heavy rain fell after halftime, Rwandan Football Federation ( FERWAFA) decided it to be played on February1, 2022 and played only second half (45 minutes).

Actually, the game has been kicked off 15:00 pm. APR started with superb mood and pressed heavily Mukura VS, but it gave nothing, game was ended by only one goal of Mukura VS.

It was game of full pressure, it made  players of Mukura VS to be shown yellow cards. One of players of Mukura VS, Djibrin Akuki was shown red card.

This defeat  damaged a record of coach of APR, Adil Mohammed. There is his record of no loss in past 50 games; since his arrival in Rwandan Champion league, no Rwandan team enabled to defeat him.

Win of Mukura VS helped it to hold seventh place with 23 scores. APR stayed on the first place with 31 scores.

It was a special game on both sides (photo:Igihe)