Kigali: Sherrie Silver has involved in charitable act to 108 families

Kigali: Sherrie Silver  has involved in charitable act to 108 families

An international dancer, doing it as her professional work,Sherrie Silver who has root in Rwanda, involved in charitable work and supported at least 108 families, across different sectors in Kigali.

The international dancer, Sherrie Silver who normally lives abroad, in these days, comes back to her root, Rwanda. She supported and delivered food to poor 108 families who are inhabiting in Kigali City. 

It was uncovered that Sherrie grew up in harsh condition before becoming famous one all over the world. It made her to come back and involving in charitable act; supporting poor families to get food.

That charitable act happened on Sunday, January 30, 2022, at charitable compound, Gisimba, Nyamirambo, Kigali. This international dancer showed kindness where she left away her fame and held up sacks of flour and drinks:Cassava, bananas, beans and cabbages, delivering them to those poor families. They emotionally appreciated her.

By using video that was captured by her friends came along with her from England. They came for helping her mobilization, which is called " Feed the hungry."  She told her flock followers on her social media (platforms); it is time for helping poor people.

After delivering them, Sherrie publicly said, she was very grateful.

" I am so happy. It is a good act, every one can do it. If I enable to share food to above 100 families and you can also do it."

 " I do not image there is one who is still suffering from hunger. This is a special mobilization, I initiate. We may have spirit of kinship. So, we could overcome sufferings."

She was asked about why she initiated that  act at  charitable compound, Gisimba instead of going back to original district, Huye. She answered that it was caused by various acts including; she normally has  projects  with that agency.

Sherrie said that it could be better to Hotels searching for poor people and giving them remained food instead of casting them.

This girl, Sherrie Silver was famously known in the video song of Childish Gambino, leading her to hold up trophy of MTV  Music Video Award 2018. She previously bought apartment in England.

Sherrie Silver directed dance system of Rihanna's movie and Childish Gambino " Guava Island." She also held collaboration  with French Montana.