Spain: Chaquilla in trial due to tax evasion

Spain: Chaquilla in trial due to tax evasion

Artist Chaquilla a Spanish female in trials whereby she is accused tax evasion and if courts confirms this she will be prisoned eight years.

Investigation bureau from Spain request for female artist Chaquilla to be prisoned for eight years due to tax evasion.

Investigation bureau from Spain published that they took decision to report on court crime they are accusing Spanish female artist Isabel Mebarak Ripoll who became familiar as 'Chaquilla ' due to tax evasion and their wishes are to arrest her for eight years.

Investigation bureau says between 2012 and 2014, Chaquilla of 45 years she didn't ever pay taxes government of Spain out of more than 45€ millions in those years.

It is said that what this woman did is illegal from laws because in 2011 it's when she went to live in Spain after falling in love deeply with the one who was previously her husband, Gerard Pique who was resident in this country, currently he is FC Barcelona 's player.

From that time Chaquilla didn't start paying taxes government of Spain from her income because she continued behaving as she is registered in Bahamas where she lived before.

Investigation bureau continued saying that they approached Chaquilla in the way to talk about this issue but her lawyers were saying that there is nothing bad Chaquilla did and if they desire go a head in courts.

Chaquilla said the acts and investigation bureau is disobeying her rights and they are not professional.

This Madam says she got permanent licenses to live in Spain in 2015 and from that time she has been paying all required taxes.

She confirms that from that time taxes have been paid around 17.2€ therefore there's no taxes government of Spain owes her.

Investigation in charges published that already this issue reported in courts and said that in case courts will find her that she did so just eight years should be given her staying in prison.