Paul Kagame became president of Rwanda in 2000. He inherited a country that had been torn apart by genocide against Tutsis. But 21 years later, the country is stable, prosperous, unified, and in large part, reconciled. Social services, such as education, healthcare, housing, and livestock are provided to the needy with no distinction of ethnicity or region of origin. Born in southern Rwanda in 1957 now he is a visionary leader who changed the country from poverty to prosperity.

Sep 10, 2021 - 09:17
Sep 10, 2021 - 09:24

- He Transformed the Rwandan Economy to a greater level than it raises between 5-9% per year!


- He made RWANDA the safest Nation in Africa and made it to the 20 Safest Countries in the world


- He built more than 100 000 classrooms in over 2000 schools nationwide


- He Built the Rwandan National Airline (Rwandair) which now owns over 12 planes.


- He renovated Kigali International Airport and he is building Bugesera International Airport


- He put Rwanda to third place in Africa in terms of Infrastructures


- He opened Rwanda to everyone through easier Visa Applications.


- He raised Women to a higher level in every sector Lawmakers (52%), teachers, and Doctors.


- He introduced the Free & Cheap Education system and it's for all.


- He introduced Cheap Universal Health care support to everyone


- He Introduced Phones Assembling Plant in RWANDA


- He introduced the Laptop Assembling plant in Rwanda


- He introduced Car Assembling Plant in Rwanda.


- He invented the Genocide survivors Support Organization which improved the standard of living of Genocide Survivors ($15m)

Author: Danny Rurema

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