Bijoux and Sentore did a superb marriage ceremony

Rwandan actress, Bijoux and Sentore did a gorgeous marriage ceremony at Golden Garden, Rebero, Kigali.

Jan 9, 2022 - 07:05
Jan 9, 2022 - 07:02
Bijoux and Sentore did a superb marriage ceremony
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On Saturday, January 8, 2022 at Kigali happened unforgettable marriage because of how it was prepared and superstars involved. Rwandan super actress Munezero Aline popularly known as Bijoux in different Rwandan movies series and traditional singer Lionel Sentore are whom have made that beautiful marriage.

Traditional introduction was done at Golden Garden at Rebero. Then after, they involved in religious marriage, EAR church. Both were executed on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

It was  a marriage ceremony that was prepared from amidst of last year, 2021. Sentore Lionel was living in one country of European countries, it was denounced that he ran his musical career in Ingangare group which is dealing with traditional songs. He took flight and came in Rwanda for purpose of taking away his heartful girl. 

Last month, December 2021, he officially delivered a fiancée ring in finger of Bijoux at Serena Hotel. And it was when they proclaimed marriage date.

Bijoux was known that during  August 2020 she was worn a fiancée ring with her ex-boy friend. Unfortunately, they parted away. Amidst 2020, Sentore also proposed a girl and delivered a fiancée ring in her finger, they also parted away. Both met with bad chance.

It was a marriage party attended by various superstars like Ramadhan publicly known as Bamenya. Samusure was another superstar involved.

It was attended by few people as way of meeting with Covid19 restrictions. Video of the marriage ceremony showing Bijoux and her husband put on beautiful clothes. Drinks and food were available, made attendants to find themselves in happiness.

Bijoux is well known in Rwandan movies series like Bamenya and Citymaid. People like how she acts professionally.

Her husband, Sentore Lionel inhabits in country of European continent. It was guessed that he would take flight together with Bijoux and disappeared in Rwanda. It was just done over female artist, Clarisse Karasira, she was taken by her husband to US America.

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