Untold story: Bruce Melodie and Madebeats involved in conspiracy against The Ben infront of Diamond Platinumz

Untold story: Bruce Melodie and Madebeats involved in conspiracy against The Ben infront of Diamond Platinumz

It was revealed that Bruce Melodie and Madebeats participated in great operation of overthrowing The Ben out of his new management infront of Wasafi boss, Diamond Platinumz.

On this Friday, January 14, 2022, Thefacts.rw searched truth about what Rwandan showbiz dealers are circulating on social media regarding Rwandan musical producer, Madebeats and super artist, Bruce Melodie; their conspiracy against Rwandan super star, The Ben. Conflict raised among them since they were in Tanzania.

Rwandan newspaper "Igihe" has just got  how grudge was developed among them while Bruce Melodie started his musical projects with Entertainment company which is called 1:55 AM Ltd instead of receiving The Ben who was earlier discussed with them about how they could work together, whole deal was done by Madebeats. That operation saddened Diamond Platinumz.

Information comes from friends of Bruce Melodie proclaimed that he is still in Tanzania where he is in deep discussion with 1:55 AM Ltd checking out how they could work together. 

The project of The Ben about working together with  1:55 AM Ltd was earlier unresolved.

Last year, followers of The Ben on social media started to see him with a showbiz dealer who is called Coach Gael  usually living in United States of America.

It was known that Gael is a close friend of Dj Innox owner of Innox Entertainment which is popularly known  in US America about preparing live concert. They wanted to work together with The Ben about live concert preparation.

In those days, The Ben met with Diamond Platinumz while he was in live concert tours in USA. They agreed together about their project of collabrated song. They took flight together to Tanzania for executing that project. Afterward, Gael prepared flight and following them to Tanzania for purpose of getting much more information about The Ben.

Gael and Madebeats followed whole plot of featured song "Why" between The Ben and Diamond because he wanted to invest in The Ben.

After getting his big talent, Gael uncovered his will to The Ben and begged him to work together but Gael was defeated by huge project of The Ben and he promptly ran away without saying goodbye.

Gael  seduced Dj Innox  about letting The Ben because of his expensive project and they failed to meet with failure but the company denied because they had just prepared live concert that was predicted to happen on 1 January 2022.

Gael came up with an idea of searching another artist who could meet with budget of his entertainment house, 1:55 AM Ltd leading it together with his brother Kenny. They wanted cheaper artist than The Ben.

How did Bruce Melodies meet with Gael?

When The Ben arrived in Tanzania, he called Madebeats and payed his ticket of airplane to Tanzania as he predicted him a good helper in their song project.

The Ben and Gael plotted their discussion infront of Madebeats. They did not agree together about it. 

Gael noticed that Madebeats was an expert about music and called him for help about searching an artist who is cheap than The Ben.

Madebeats engaged in discussion with Bruce Melodie and agreed to execute it with that entertainment company. Bruce Melodie took flight to Tanzania for meeting with Gael.

Great deligation that was behind of The Ben left together to back of Bruce Melodie who liked to work together with antagonist of Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize. Those followers of The Ben were seen in Konde gang, this saddened Diamond Platinumz.

Diamond Platinumz was seduced and calmed  down after deeper explanation of  how the operation was plotted.

There is disagreement between  'Cloud 9 Entertainment' and 'Bruce Melodie.'

Last days, Bruce Melodie was not seen with his management, Cloud 9  Entertainment which is looking for his musical career. It was denounced that their conflict hardly uncovered after his great live concert called "10 years of Bruce Melodie."

It was denounced that Bruce Melodie was still analysing his contract with Cloud 9 Entertainment. His new management 1:55 AM Ltd is seriously willing to invest in him (Bruce Melodie).