Professional dancer,Titi Brown could be imprisoned for 25 years

Dec 4, 2021 - 16:56
Dec 4, 2021 - 17:02
Professional dancer,Titi Brown could be imprisoned for 25 years

By Niyonkuru Augustin

Titi Brown is one professional dancer known in different videos of Rwandan superstars. He is definitely arrested by RIB and he is accused of rapping young girl still under adult age,17 years old.

Titi Brown is a professional dancer (Instagram post /Titi Brown) 

This professional dancer was among perfomers who  were waited in live concert called “Kigali Fiesta”. This rememberable live concert took place at Kigali Arena and Nigerian superstar,Omah Lay perfomed. Unfortunately, Titi Brown was arrested before live Concert in November 13th. This hurt hearts of fans of Rwandan music especially those like his dance category so, he did not perform in the concert.

His trial took place on 22nd November and Primary Court of Kicukiro concluded that Titi must be provisionally arrested for 30 days while facts are gathered.

It is guessed that this sex crime over a young girl; under adult age,17 years old,Titi committed it in Kicukiro district,Kagarama Sector on 14 August 2021.
Parent of a girl who was rapped and led her to get pregnant, proclaiming that girl went to visit her uncle during holidays, when she came back revealed that she was suffering from stomach and doctor checked it and got that she was pregnant. She immediately pointed at that professional dancer was whom made her to get pregnant.

In front of court of law,Titi firmly denied to commit that sex crime. He told judges that he  was truly visited by that girl but she didn’t enter in his house.

All lawyers: Me. Buhuru P. Celestin and Me. Umumararungu Priscilla who are helping Titi in the trial told judges that there is no evidence   making their customer to be imprisoned provisionally; 30 days. So, he might be set free. 

There is a formal report of doctors revealing that crime was committed. Before legal abortion,tests were taken and matched with Titi’s test in order to see physical evidence about it.
After listening to all sides, judge checked that there are some facts making Brown to be provisionally imprisoned. Therefore, judge concluded that he must be provisionally arrested for 30 days while full facts are collected.

What does Rwandan laws denounce about crime like this?

As it was collected in the law of N 68/2018 that was appointed on 30/08/2021 predicting crimes and penalties which is read in article of 123,it concludes that who commits this crime of rapping a young girl; under adult age is punished to be set in jail more than 20 years but not above 25 years.
This law continue to mention that if Titi Brown caused the young girl sexual infection diseases he must be jailed forever in prison.

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