APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.

History says that a derby between APR and Rayon Sports starts within fans who enroll it into media. Finally, 90 minutes give a brief of itRayon Sports Fc, whose fans dubbed them "GIKUNDIRO" and with a blue and white jersey, came into existence in May 1968 and hails from Nyanza District. They later moved­­ to the capital Kigali in 1986 following an agreement with Nyanza District authorities.

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APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.
APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.
APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.
APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.
APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.
APR- Rayon Sport Derby, a historical match and fans combat.


Armee Patriotique Rwandaise football club, commonly known as simply APR, is a football club from Kigali in Rwanda. The club plays their home gamers at Amahoro stadium. APR FC was founded in June 1993 as the team of Rwandese Patriotic Front.

The derby between APR and Rayon Sport just counts as one of the biggest matches in the region and undoubtedly the leading derby in Rwanda, and winning it is just beyond three points.

"This is a huge and important match for Rayon Sports and our fans." Said Martinez Espinosa, the Mexican head coach for Rayon Sport, will face APR for the first time.

"For us to remain relevant in the title race, it is very crucial that we don't lose this match. We have prepared well, and the atmosphere in the camp is excellent. The players are up for the task." Martinez Espinosa added.

At a time, coaches reveal their reactions, but the pitch conceals the reality whichever body wat till the last whistle.

This is what APR coach Adili Erradi Mohamed once said before the two giants lock horns.

"It is a derby, and it is always special for the fans. But for me, all I am looking for is the three points. We want to stay top and to extend the lead, so we must win."

The intricacy of this derby merges between the fans. Some names have been dubbed to both teams. APR fans dub those of Rayon Sport "IBYUGU or GASENYI." On the other hand, Rayon Sports fans dub those of APR" IBIKONA," which adds fuel to the fire for the derby.

From the streets to the capital, the chants are heard in the fans sending those chants to their special teams. The colors are painted on the fans' faces to send devotion towards their teams and hardens the match. Betting shows off on both sides for the sick of win.

The media ravels this derby on the Eve. Analyses and critiques unfold but within the reservation of the results from the pitch.

Rayon Sport side gets it taboo to be beaten by the APR side despite APR lying in favor of the army and government. Reactions show off. Their counterpart rejects losing against civilians that it is unexplainable to be under the feet of civilians. Reactions show off.

What really makes the derby of Rayon Sport and APR go down well? This is what really is; it is a "STAGGERING MATCH."

Would a throwback to their previous matches make just a slit deduction? Go through this;

Since 1995, all teams have met 91 times after 51 years of Rayon Sport come into existence and 26 APR. APR travels over Rayon Sport in matches that saw them meet with APR win 38 times while Rayon Sport wins are 29 and others 23 in stalemates.

APR netted more goals than Rayon Sport; in all 246 goals scored on both sides, APR netted 127 goals while Rayon Sport netted 120.

It is rare for either team to win two matches in a row. Still, as a record, APR just did it for the first time in season 2005-2006 on October 23 in a thriller of 3-0, and on February 1, 2007, APR hammered 4-1 against Rayon.

Rayon Sport has a record of scoring many more goals in a single match than APR, for they scored 5-2 goals into APR goal two times.

Despite the clash between the two teams, they transfer players among themselves when either team shows interest in its counterpart. The two teams have at least offered an icon player of all the times.

 APR displays" JIMMY GATETE" as their living knight, while Rayon Sport displays "JANOE WITTAKENG" as their pride. APR has 18 Rwandan premiere league, 14 Rwandan cup, 1 Rwandan Super cup and 3 Kagame Interclub cup. Rayon has 9 Rwandan Premier League, 1 CECAFA clubs cup, 1 Super Cup, and 9 Rwandan Peace cups.

The clash between the two giants has always produced entertainment and talking points on and off the pitch.


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