Biography of SIBOMANA Emmanuel

Biography of SIBOMANA Emmanuel

  I was born on 12 February 1985, in South Province, Nyanza District, Kigoma Sector, Gasoro Cell. My father is called SIBOMANA Enias who died some years ago and my Mother is called MUKANDANGA Marthe(She is still alive. I am the third born in my family as we are 5 children, the first 2 are female, now...

I got this name from Entertainment Journalists in Rwanda, because of the pictures with famous and celebrities people that I am with on my Instagram @sibomana.emma


I finished secondary school in 2007 at Nyakabanda Secondary


School where I studied Kinyarwanda, English, Swahili, and French




After this, in 2008 I entered Kigali city from my village so that I


can make money, and I worked some temporary jobs, and I


came to join Centre Marembo at Gishushu in Gasabo District


where they taught me how to use a Camera and editing Video and


after 3 months they gave us certificates. After this, I continued in


different studio in Kigali/Nyarugenge and Nyabugugo and gave me chance to work with them for


getting experience. In 2014 I got chance to be welcomed in


Radio/TV10 I started working as Internship and after few months


I signed a contract where I got paid a salary of 200,000Frws but they


came to add 50,000 Frws and they paid me 250,000frws


monthly. I spent all 2 years there from 2014 till 2016. Here on this media house(Radio &Tv), I worked as a Cameraman, Editor, and News Reporter.


Still in this year, I join and work with Hot Fm 103.6 Fm, and I


worked as Radio News Presenter and Reporter. From 2017


till 2019 (3 years) I work with Radio and Television ISANGO STAR, where I worked as Social Media Influencer/I was Head of all Social Media of this media house and I worked as a Cameraman,


Video Editor, News Reporter, Entertainment Journalist, and TV


Personalist as Presenter in MUTIMA W’URUGO SHOW ( This is the


show that look for a solution from the conflicts in families between




men and women, how Rwandan Society can live without




From the End of 2019 till now I work with ISIBO TV, where I do


Documentaries called ISOKO Y’UBWAMAMARE(The Source of Fame) but it is based in


Entertainment where I am based on celebrities who made an


incredible things, the secret they used to reach where they are


now, how they fought against the challenges, I do also on some


places and area that are famous on an international level like


HOLLYWOOD, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles


L.A( The City of Angels)… The entertainment analysts/experts say


that this Los Angeles is Headquarters of Entertainment in the




I joined Urunana Drama in 2012 and I act the role of Patrick


Musonera till now. Patrick is a youth in Nyarurembo characterized


by bad behaviors including Fornication, thief… (Umwana




The Benefits I get from Urunana: After playing this theatre we get


paid. Sometimes before covid19, we used to go to a different area


of the country (Rwanda) in outreach to perform to the audience


face to face so that they can receive the message directly and we get


time to introduce to them as our lovers/fans our real names and


our character names. Day to day we get sharped/


about our talent and I can find time to thank Urunana


administration who support us to reach where we are especial our


Trainer/Coach/Umutoza Kubwimana Seraphine(Safi) with her


scriptwriters team and here I can find opportunities to thank/appreciate different media houses including Radios, TVs, websites, YouTubers, etc who give their part to support me.


Urunana Theatre is aired on BBC Radio on Tuesday at 6h45 pm;


Thursday 6h45 pm and on Sunday 7h30 am & 17h30 pm.


Urunana Theatre is aired also on Radio Rwanda on Saturday & Sunday at 6h45 am and at 19h45pm.


Urunana Theatre is also aired on Radio 10 on Wednesday & Friday at 17h30 and on Sunday at 7h30 am.


In the summer of 2018, I Joined Indamutsa Drama of Radio


Rwanda/RBA, where I get different role names because it is not a




series drama like Urunana theatre where I have the same name


the character of Patrick. So I can say that this is a dream that came


true because I loved Indamutsa Drama and Journalism when I


was like 6 years old and my dream was to be An Actor in Theatre


and to be a Journalist and now I become what I was dreaming to


become. I thank URUNANA DC and Radio Rwanda/RBA for giving


me this chance and opportunities and Thanking Indamutsa and


Urunana Actors and Actresses to welcome me with joy and much




My future plans: As I see this world is running at high speed


especially with high technology, now I am enforcing to learn very


good English, American, and British Accent in listening and


speaking so that in the future I can be Fluent in this


language. After this, I can be on another level for example by acting


the theatre in English or interviews and make another kind of


journalism in English easily.


My Inspiration: Me personally, the life in this world we live in


today is a good teacher. Every single person among my friends,


families, my colleagues, people I work with, celebrities stories


and other famous people, I use to learn something from


them/from every single person and I gather them in one place,


and I get a strong thing to build my life but after all this the root


is from the power, the love, and the grace of God I receive from


God through praying to get protection from God.


My Role model: As I said before, I learn something from every


successful person and from each person who reached far like


from zero to hero!


The advice I can give to the youth who want to be


Actors/Actresses and Journalists: They must first of all study and


look for enough knowledge if they get a chance and


opportunities. They must know what they want; they shouldn’t


take any chance for granted. They can get closer to the people


who reached far in a career they want to become. They should be


using social media especially Instagram, and they can record


themselves some video acting like movie/Theatre Actor and Post-it


on Instagram and tag some people who reached far, like


Entertainment Journalists, movie & Theatre Actors and ask them to support you. They should be characterized by discipline, to be


Kind, Royal and not having bad Behaviors. I encourage them to


work hard and not neglect job because it doesn’t pay them


enough money and they must pray God to bless the works of


their hands.


My Occupation: Apart from being Theatre Actor and Journalist, I


am also an Interpreter from English to the Kinyarwanda language; I am


also a Translator of books from English to Kinyarwanda; I am A


Social Media Influencer, a Theatre & Film Director, Songwriter,


and Advisor in things of Entertainment.


I want to thank the leadership of our country RWANDA


To give the opportunities to the youths.


I can’t finish without talking about my love story, when I have fallen in love with Rwandese famous female singer SUNNY where we were dating each other from 2018 till 2020 where we came to break up in May 2020 because of the terrible mistake she did on social media especially on Instagram @sunny_rwanda12 after being drunk and remove clothes from her body and become nude and showed her sex(My property) on public, so I decide to put an end on our love even though we were planning a wedding at the end of 2020.


For people who want to find and give different ideas and


comments, they can find me on:


Instagram: @sibomana.emma


Facebook page: Sibomana Emmanuel


Twitter: @sibomana_emma


Youtube: TOUR WITH ME Official