Violence against Sandra Teta keeps overwhelm Rwandans

In last week information trended regarding to torturing and violence Weasel does to his wife Sandra Teta hence many Rwandans keep having sadness.

Aug 3, 2022 - 09:15
Violence against Sandra Teta keeps overwhelm Rwandans


Users of social media especially Rwandans keep showing sadness and request courts in Uganda to make follow up regarding to violence and torturing Weasel has been doing to his wife Teta Sandra.

It's long time trending that Weasel who became familiar through a group 'Goodlyfe' which he worked with Radio who dead, violencing and torturing Rwandan female who as Teta Sandra who they married each other and produced kids.

Information regarding to their conflict Start after producing their first born (daughter).

 There was also information saying that there's time when Weasel took decision to take Teta Sandra in rural area because she was living with another wife in Kampala.

This wife was in undesirable condition whereby by she wasn't ashemed of posting photos on social media.

In discussion The fact had with Sandra Teta at Kampala in last days she agreed about conflicts within her family but added not much.

Stories about her violence resumed last week whereby photos showing her face swollen was trending on social media.

Sandra Teta said that information was wrong she didn't beaten by her husband just it's robbers who did so, but she investigated by Chameleon 's wife elder of Weasel called Daniella who posted other photos showing Teta's wounds and sorrow asking for her speaking for her.

She said that " I saw, many people sending me and asking me what I think about it, I will tell you what I think about after refreshing my mind. I learnt to control my tongue when I am sad."

" This is Sandra 's December photos, she needs any possible support. She needs our voices so that she can has again hope her self, let's go behind her and help her in this journey. All of you mothers this is right time to support your colleague and those who say that they speak in behalf of women this is right time."

Other Ugandans who are unhappy regarding to what Weasel is doing to Teta Sandra includes female artist Leila Kayondo, her colleague Desire Luzinda and Judith Heard who also comes from Rwanda.