Group of 'Charly & Nina' is back in musical career

Group of 'Charly & Nina' is back in musical career

Group of two ladies which is called" Charly and Nina, Charly na Nina" has just proclaimed that it is back with EP(Extended Playlist).

Group " Charly and Nina" is back with EP(Extended Playlist). These two ladies, Charly and Nina were divorced about last two years. They are  on way of waking up their fans who were disappointed by their division.

In past days, Rwandan showbiz dealers got news that "Charly & Nina " was on way of coming back in their musical career and some people ignored it. has just got true story that these beautiful musicians are working on their EP. That Ep is made up of five songs. They want to come back with great hit that is why they are designing it.

Those songs of their EP were produced by super producer in Rwanda, "Element." They have highlighted that one of their song which was sung in French, its video will be released in coming days.

Their division made Charly to never be seen again in music industry. Nina is whom tried to involve in some live concerts, like the live concert that was done amidst July 2021. That concert was all about fighting against corruption and oppression.

It is one and only super female musician group emerged in Rwandan musical industry and became popular one on higher level. It was managed by super promoter, Alex Muyoboke. He helped them to produce admired songs like international Collaboration songs" Indoro" featured with Burundian, Big Fizzo,"I do" featured with Ugandan singer, Bebe Cool and " Owooma" featured with Ugandan, Geosteady.

In past days, he(Alex Muyoboke) publicly denounced that he again wished to manage that group" Charly & Nina," because of their wisdom showed in musical industry.

Charly&Nina was admired group. Different people are pleased by their return,( Charly &Nina's Instagram).